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The Ferdinand Brewery

The new brandmark “Ferdinand” together with new business and marketing strategy brought a record-breaking annual output of beer in 1992 – 233 712 hl. 12% beer Ferdinand was rewarded the second position in the national ČOI (Czech Business Inspection) competition. In 1994, Benešov started to produce 10% and 12% beer under the name “Old Czech Beer” (Staročeské pivo) and it enriched its product line by another type, besides traditionally produced lager and bock beer under the name Ferdinand.

Recently, the brewery has been producing five types of beer. These are 10%, 11%, 12% lagers; then 11% dark lager and 13% semi-dark lager under the name “Sedm kulí”. This is a type of beer with addition of herbs.
The brewery has also been producing orange and raspberry lemonades, which are sold in KEG barrels; plus non-alcoholic beer, which is distributed in 0,5 l bottles. Current annual output is approximately 50 000hl.

As a part of the brewery there is a back-yard malt house, which produces about 2000 tons of malt per year.

Our beer should be noted for its full bodied taste, harmonious scent and bitterness, which is ensured by the highest quality Žatec hops . The strong vigour and high frothing quality – that is the result of a sufficient period of fermentation in the beer–storage cellar.

The brewery produces high quality beer and the word “real” in our trade-mark is not just a cliché. This Czech beer celebrates the ancient technology and skills of the brewers from Benešov.

We have chosen to do things the right way, which is acknowledged by the fact that Ferdinand Brewery attains prominent positions in tasting competitions.

Enjoy the taste and freshness of the Ferdinand Beer, which is characterised by its golden colour, sparkling clarity, strong vigour, full bodied taste, intensive bitterness and high froth!

WE believe that our “real beer” Ferdinand will always be your first choice for taste and quality. We look forward to our future,successful cooperation.

Jaroslav Lebeda Brewer of the Ferdinand Brewery

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